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Combining courage with caution, Tody Professional has been set up as a wish of the shareholders to offer the market a viable and long lasting alternative.

Since its creation, the company has proposed to pay a special attention to its clients and suppliers, offering them partnerships and viable solutions in order to ensure a balanced and stable support of its own business, this leading to a change of mentality of the relation SUPPLIER-DISTRIBUTOR-CLIENT.

Tody Professional is a young and dynamic company that trades and distributes at national level work equipments, safety footwear, socks and stockings, hotel supplies and execute them through the balanced and stable partnerships that has with its manufacturers.

Tody Professional is a limited liability company, Romanian legal person with private capital, which observes the legislation in force in Romania.

The logo of the company is the combined registered mark and is represented by the stylized and imbedded letters T and P, having next to them the whole name of the company - Tody Professional - , underlined by the slogan of the company "... and you are equipped".

The headquarter is located in Cozieni Street, no. 36, sector 5, 50287 Bucharest, Romania

The colours of the company are red, white and black.

The red is from the passion that we put in all our actions in order to meet all the requirements of our partners.

The white is from the correctness and the sincerity with which we act in the relationship with our partners.

The black - As we know that nothing is everlasting, we chose as realistic representation the black colour which combined with the red and white colours, gentles the significance of the colour, transforming it into a colour full of dignity and generating respect both towards the partners, but also towards the way in which is done a business.

The company is run based on law no. 31/1990 republished and on law no. 26/1990 republished with further alterations and completions and on law no. 359/2004 with further alterations and completions.

The organization and the management of the company Tody Professional is established by the Memorandum of Association, in compliance with the trade legislation.

The company's duration of functioning is unlimited, according to art. no. 4 of the Memorandum of Association.

The company is administered by an administrator chosen through mandate, on an indefinite period.

From the first months of functioning, Tody Professional registered profit, succeeding in signalling its entrance on the market, occupying a good position, despite the harsh economic conditions and strong competitors.


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